The GreenHouse has 4 big apartments for 4 persons. They all have a own kitchen, spacious bathroom a 2 persons bed, bunk bed living area with a couch and a dining table in the kitchen.


The apartments on de lower floor have access to the garden, where you can find lots of fruit in the summer. And in the autumn you have the apple tree filled with apples. You can spend a nice day and/or evening in the garden and enjoy the view over the lake Grassjön. There is also a gill pace in the garden where you can make a fire and have a nice bbq.


If desired we can offer you a nice breakfast.


The Green House

Viljamsbol 7

683 95 Sunnemo

Tel 0046 (0) 76-8288465


The Green House is located on the road 240, 3 kilometres away from Sunnemo.

Sunnemo is a small village with only 280 habitants. Where you can find a grocery store with petrol pump.


The closest bigger villages are Munkfors and Hagfors (both +/- 15 min) Hagfors is the biggest nearby place where you can find all things you need.


The big city Karlstad is 60 kilometres from The Green House. Ideal for a nice day trip. You can go out for a nice day of shopping in one of the big shopping streets or one of the shopping malls. Enjoy a nice meal in one of the many restaurants or just enjoy the architecture of the city or make a nice boat tour.



The Green House is open all year long!